Finals and a Nutella Pound Cake

The past few days have been consumed in the fun of both written finals and practical finals in the kitchen. Ok, so maybe taking a written final isn’t ‘fun’ exactly… but it sure wasn’t the torture of a quiz on pharmacokinetics or medical biochemistry.

And a practical final in the kitchen? Three hours and a mystery basket- yes, I was literally given an actual basket, straw woven with a cloth napkin lining… full of obligatory ingredients… I was almost giddy! Definitely an intense few hours- unfortunately without time for photos- but in the end I was pleased with the final platings. Huge sigh of relief.

It would be lovely to tell you that I made this incredible pound cake as a celebratory dessert. But in actuality, it was a beautiful distraction as I was in the midst of study. This pound cake recipe had been posted in the last week or so by Sammie in her blog Sweet Samsations. And the moment she told me the dark swirl of marbling was Nutella, I was smitten. Copy and paste. And buy Nutella.

If you’ve met Nutella, then I don’t need to write another word. If you haven’t, it is the most glorious concoction of hazelnut and cocoa you’ll ever taste. Then why did I have to go buy Nutella for this cake? For nothing short of complete lack of restraint, I am no longer allowed to keep Nutella in my living space. Self imposed rule, of course, but strict nonetheless. Consider yourself warned.

And as for pound cakes… I think they get the short end of the dessert stick. With elaborately decorated cupcakes, trendy cake-pops and multi-layered confections, the pound cakes our grandmothers baked may seem less than glamorous. But there is something so comforting and nostalgic about a well-made pound cake. Moist, buttery and rich. And classic with a glass of milk or cup of coffee.

I’m fairly certain it’s hard to mess up a pound cake. Especially one containing Nutella. And fortunate for us, Sammie has already done all the work to tweak this recipe to marbled cocoa hazelnut perfection. Find her recipe here: Nutella Marble Poundcake. Make one in a bundt pan as I did or an angel food pan as she did, or even a classic loaf. Eat a slice (or two or three) and share the rest. You and someone else will both be glad you did~